Monday, 6 August 2012

Busy not getting ready

The girls and I are off North tomorrow, to stay with my dad and step-mum.  I should be getting stuff ready but instead I got this done instead

The tiny purse that Rosa sent to me to finish off as part of the purse swap.  I kept looking and looking at it and in the end decided that I just needed to do it. 

Thanks to all of Rosas hard work in putting it together so well, it was not as difficult as I thought it would be, although definitely fiddly!

I am taking my double wedding ring EPP away with me to do some more of these

I am really enjoying doing this one and they are so easy to epp whilst watching the tv
I am also trying to finish off this project as well

 I have fallen out of love with this a little, so I am more determined to finish it
Only a few more hexies to go (which are already done) and then it will become a table runner.  I am hoping that once its FMQ'd it will appeal more

Whilst away I get to met up with Di and Sarah: fellow Hipbees.  I met Di at the retreat but have not yet met Sarah, and I can't wait.  What are the odds of us all being in the Lake District at the same time as each other!


  1. I hope you have a lovely time!

  2. Your double wedding ring is coming on a treat and your purse looks great. Certainly worth the effort! Have fun in the Lakes and how great you can meet up with Di and Sarah!

  3. Cute purse C! Have a wonderful time away, and enjoy your bloggy meet up (don't forget to take pics!). Looking forward to seeing some finishes on your return! Jxo

  4. I really like the last piece you showed. I'm looking for a project similar to it. What pattern have you used?
    Have a lovely time away.

  5. Hope you enjoy your time away. Looks like some fun projects to be bringing along with you! =D

  6. If you are passing at the right time, you can stop off at mine for a cuppa! I am just off M6 just north of Warrington. That assumes you are going to cross the country and head up the M6!

  7. WOW - you made the purse already??!!!
    It looks great! so thrilled :-)))

    And that wedding ring is just faboulous!
    Have a nice time up north:-)

  8. lurve the lake district - i hope you have a great time

  9. All great projects!! Can't wait to see the double weddings rings!
    Have fun in the Lakes :)

  10. oh have a lovely time away! the wedding rings are looking fab as is everything else! x


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